FarmHer TV Premiere

That day when you watch yourself on national television!  WOW!

I had the opportunity to film an episode of the FarmHer program series last May.  I accepted it because this aligns with my passion to spread the good news about agriculture and especially the rice industry.  Nerves were high on the cloudy day last spring when Marji Guyler-Alaniz and the FarmHer crew visited our farm to film the episode.  Marji is the creator of FarmHer and spends her time promoting women in agriculture.  The FarmHer TV show and brand has grown over the past few years.  You can find more information about FarmHer and read her blog post about me HERE.  They have some really cool merchandise as well to show off your support for all farm HERS!!

Marji Guyler-Alaniz of FarmHer

Marji had never visited a rice farm before so it was really neat to be the first one.  Sometimes these are the most difficult visits for me.  It is difficult to explain the tasks that seem so mundane for us to someone who has never seen them.  Explaining about the levee system is always a challenge.  Read my post about rice levees to understand more about the process here.  You can watch the TV show Sunday, November 4th at 8:30 pm central on RFDTV.  Check your local listings for the channel!

I hope to get back on a more routine schedule of posting.  I have lots to share from this fall!  I have spoken to the Arkansas Bankers Association and was a panelist on the Future of Food at the World Woman Summit.  Two opportunities that allowed me to share my love of all things ag and RICE!!  It has also been a challenging fall for harvest.  I’d like to talk some about the quality issues we have had and how the China tariffs are effecting all farmers.  See you soon!


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