Welcome to my first ever blog post!  This blog has been in my head for years.  I have just never had the push to pull the trigger on getting started.  It has been a progression and I have so many ideas to share with you!

Let’s start with an introduction:  I am Jennifer James from Arkansas.  I live in a small rural community with row crop agriculture at its core.  It is the lifeblood of our community and my family.  I am a 4th generation farmer and a female farmer at that!  I have a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from the University of Arkansas.  Go Hogs!  My husband and I have been married for 23 years and business partners for much of that time.  I am so lucky to still have a romance with him!  We have one child a 17-year-old young man who thrives and loves the farm.  So we are immersed in the farming life here in rural Arkansas.

However, getting away from here and experiencing the cultures, people, food and all that is available outside the rural areas are very important to us.  If our son decides to return to the farm it will be because he has experienced the world outside our gates!

Rice field just a few weeks after planting

The tag lines: Farming  I hope to give you a glimpse of what a true southern family row crop farm looks like.  The good days and the rough ones too.  I want you to learn about US agriculture with a focus on the rice industry.  Rice is the backbone of our farm with soybeans and corn thrown in for diversity and rotation.  Arkansas is the #1 rice-growing state with half of all US rice produced here.  The crop is very important to our state’s economy.  I also hope to feature women who are successful in the agriculture industry across the country.  I have made a list of these women and I know you will have more to add.  I hope to lift them up and show other women the great opportunities in agriculture that might never have crossed your mind!

My family after a high school football game.

Family and Food:  I am a Mom, Wife, Christian, amateur chef (ha!), avid health and wellness advocate, and true believer in growth and personal development along side my professional career.  I do all the things that you do everyday for myself and my family.  Here is where I want to tell you that you can do or be anything your heart desires and maybe I will have a few tips to help out along your journey.  Living in a rural area, we do not have access to a variety of take out and I cook dinner most nights a week.  Plus I love to share recipes that contain US grown rice!

Selfie after a little treadmill time!

Fitness:  I strongly believe that you must take care of yourself first and fitness encompasses many facets of health for me.  It is also a journey but I am getting better at it for myself and would love to have you join me.  I am working on developing meditation into my daily routine.  Why is it so hard y’all?

I invite you to join me as this blog evolves.  I would love your comments and direction along the way.  And lastly, Did you eat US grown rice today?